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Everybody benefits from accessible websites

Simply Accessible offers tools to help improve the accessibility of public sector websites.


Know your website

How many pages with video, audio or other media types are present in your site?


Example of the presentation of the clustering results.

Knowledge about your website

The media types used on the pages of your website have a large impact on the accessibility. Knowing how many pages contain specific media types and the challenges posed by those media types will help improving the accessibility.

How Simply Accessible may help

Simply accessible collects the URLs from all the pages of your website. For each of those pages, Simply accessible indicates which media types are included as well as which of those pages have been recently updated. There is also the capability to download the complete list of URLs and media types, in order to easier identify potential problem areas.

Test your website

Your website is changing constantly and this might affect its accessibility. Therefore is really important to periodically test your website for possible accessibility problems.

How Simply Accessible may help

By automatically testing all pages of your website for 17 WCAG criteria we provide you with a first indication of the accessibility of your site. The practical examples and source code fragments will help you in correcting the errors that were found. Also, the criteria and webpages that require additional manual testing are identified.



Multi-page checker

Use the Multi-page checker to perform a fast retest on the improved pages.



Accessibility plugin

The Accessibility pluginThe  is able to check the contents in your CMS before it is published.


Sthe menu of the accessibility plugin showing the check button

Improve your website

To improve your website you need to know what the weak points are. With specific examples and source code snippets, we enable you to precisely target the correction efforts.

How Simply Accessible may help

Simply accessible provides you with a deitaled view of the accessibility concerns. For every tested WCAG criterion you will find the page and the source code causing the error. You may download those as a list.

Insight into the accessibility of your website

Do you wish to cummunicatie your intentions and ambitions towards making your website accessible? Draft your statement for accessibility and publicise its location through this site.

How Simply Accessible may help

Wondering if your website is fully confromant? Ask a testing organisation  to perform a full manual test to know wether you are compliant to all 38 WCAG 2.0 AA criteria and publicise the link to the test report through this site. 

Statement of accessibility

Use the accessibility statement assistant to create an accessibility statement for your website.


Example of an Insight rating with our star indication